Product Features

SWO Adjustable Wrenches – Super Wide Opening
• Compact handle with large head capacity for where accessibility is a problem (e.g. Plumbing or Automotive), or where light weight is an advantage such as Maintenance applications
• 6” SWO opens up to 1.3/8” (34mm), 8” SWO opens up to 1.1/2” (39mm)
• Non-protruding jaw shank
• Replaceable Rubber Grip prevents damage to adjacent surfaces in confined spaces and allows more comfortable application of greater force on its shorter handle
• Longer, thinner Jaws for greater accessibility
• Made from Chrome Vanadium steel
• Ideal for Maintenance, Plumbing, Automotive etc


ModelSizeJaw OpeningPackagingHandle
SWO99-066" 150mm34mmBulkBlack
SWO99-06-BL6" 150mm34mmBlisterBlack
SWO99-088" 200mm39mmBulkBlack
SWO99-08-BL8" 200mm39mmBlisterBlack
SWO99-MERCH-6/86 x SWO99-06-XS 6 x SWO99-08-XSBlack
SWO99-MERCH-812 x SWO99-08-XSBlack
SWO92-6C6" 150mm34mmBulkChrome
SWO92-8C8" 200mm39mmBulkChrome