Product Features

Xtra Slim Jaw Adjustable Wrenches
• Sizes: 100mm (4”), 150 mm (6”) and 200 mm (8”)
• Compact handle with large head with the added benefit of greater accessibility due to the design of the Xtra Slim jaw which is 50% thinner than standard wrenches with a similar opening
• Based on the design of the standard SWO (Super Wide Opening) range, but with much thinner jaws.
• Can fit into spaces and on thin lock nuts that other wrenches can’t reach
• Incorporates all the other features of the standard SWO range


ModelSizeOpeningJaw OpeningWeight
92-XS-044" 100mmStandard13mm50g
92-XS-066" 150mmStandard13mm126g
SWO92-06-XS6" 150mmSuper Wide35mm200g
SWO92-08-XS8" 200mmSuper Wide39mm335g
SWO92-XS-MERCH-6/86 x SWO92-06-XS 6 x SWO92-08-XSSuper Wide6" 35mm8" 39mm6" 200g8" 335g