Product Features

Bramley Sheetmetal Chassis Hole Punch Set
• 3 point design on punch for easier cutting
• Upgraded toolsteel specification for increased life & performance
• Cut Stainless Steel more easily than previous design
• For simple cutting of neat holes in sheetmetal Simple to use:


ModelSizeCapacity (Mild Steel)Capacity (Stainless Steel)Bolt Thread
CP12.51/2" (12.5mm)2mm1.6mmM8
CP165/8" (16mm)2mm1.6mmM8
CP193/4" (19mm)2mm1.6mmM10
CP227/8" (22mm)2mm1.6mmM10
CP25.51" (25.5mm)2mm1.6mmM12
CP28.51-1/8" (28.5mm)2.5mm2mmM12
CP301-3/16" (30mm)2.5mm2mmM12
CP321-1/4" (32mm)2.5mm2mmM12
CP351-3/8" (35mm)2.5mm2mmM12
CP381-1/2" (38mm)2.5mm2mmM12
CP41.51-5/8" (41.5mm)2.5mm2mmM20
CP44.51-3/4" (44.5mm)2.5mm2mmM20
CP481-7/8" (48mm)2.5mm2mmM20
CP512" (51mm)2.5mm2mmM20
CP753" (75mm)2.5mm2mm1" UNF