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Asadathreadinglogo2016ANeat Threading Oil


Asada Neat Threading Oil - effective cooling and lubrication ensures longer life of the dies!

  • Essential for long die life.
  • Includes ingredients to handle the high pressures generated during threading operation
  • Standard grade for general purpose threading
  • High grade for threading stainless and high tensile steels

Standard Grade Neat Threading Oil

Part No. SP-OIL-5 (Standard - 5 L)

Part No. SP-OIL-20 (Standard - 20 L)



High Grade Neat Threading Oil

Part No. SP-OIL-5HT (High Grade - 5 L)

Part No. SP-OIL-20 (High Grade - 20 L)


Right time to change the oil

  1. When oil goes white because of water contamination
  2. When fine swarf of pipes is mixed with oil excessively
  3. When oil goes dark because of age & use

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